Things That Rock (pt. something)

Edward P. Jones’ “The Known World”

Beatles remasters

Jim Lauderdale’s general disposition

Best American Non-Required Reading 2009 (esp. “the Chameleon”) 

BOTH my football teams, for once. (Saints and Crimson Tide)

Using the phrase “Roll Tide” as a general affirmative or congratulatory statement, as in A: “My daughter’s getting married.” B: “Roll Tide.”

35mm Film


Heirloom tomatoes and cheap, hot onions

The Showboat Saloon in Wisconsin Dells

Jimmy John’s

Clark Damn Howard

Waning interest in the UFC

Reaching the age in which you refuse to engage in a trivial argument with your parents

Lindsey Buckingham

Fall of the year

NPR’s This American Life

West Virginia (It’s true.)

Local bar regulars who are originally from another country

The G7 guitar capo (best accessory ever)

Billy Reid Boots 

The Fail Blog

People who could actually live off the land if need be


22 Responses to “Things That Rock (pt. something)”

  1. Andrew Says:

    In response to this list: Roll Tide!

  2. Trent Owen Says:

    Here’s another one…Getting to jam “Seven Mile Island” with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at the Shoals Theater.

  3. Brian Says:

    Agreed. Roll Tide.

  4. Nikkia Lovejoy Says:

    Couple things missing from this list is: ME, because I indeed, rock.
    Also, coffee and BC powder.

  5. Brent Hinson Says:

    Sorry man….War Eagle!

  6. Will Meissner Says:

    Here’s one…getting paid to bartend during the show at the showboat saloon! Trust me, we’re still riding it out.

    ps…did you boys take those Playboys with you? Dick move, I’ve been looking everywhere! haha

  7. ReverbTank Says:

    Gary Busey’s teeth

  8. Tommy Zamow Says:

    Anytime you roll into my home state of WV with a guitar… I’ll be in the audience. Hell, if you ever need a place to pass out while you’re in Morgantown, you’re more than welcome to invade my apartment for as long as you like.

  9. Brian Walker Says:

    War Eagle.

  10. Jason Says:

    I must say to the War Eagle folks, I’ll give you 8 points and bet you a Franklin on the Iron Bowl. Taking all comers.

  11. Quintilian B. Nasty Says:


  12. Sue Says:

    You’re awesome in so many ways.

  13. Jon Martin Says:

    Love the list few things missing tho….

    2) T-Model Ford
    3) Your Favorite Chair
    4) Southern Cooking
    5) Sweet Corn

    see yall @ the Bottleneck for the tour opener.

    Midwest funk will be front -n- center!

    Tell Jimbo to give me a ring…

    ; )

  14. John A Arkansawyer Says:

    Using the phrase “Roll Tide” as a general affirmative or congratulatory statement, as in A: “My daughter’s getting married.” B: “Roll Tide.”

    Woo Pig Sooie! just doesn’t have quite the same ring.

  15. Brent Hinson Says:

    I’ll take that bet Isbell. If it weren’t for the Vols lacking special teams, then it would have been humiliation last weekend. War Eagle buddy!


  16. Jay Says:

    1) Taos, New Mexico
    2) Levon Helm
    3) The Stuffed Avocado at Trudy’s in Austin, TX (trust me)
    4) french actresses
    5) songs about the rodeo

  17. Joel Says:

    Have to say the age where you don’t have trivial arguments with your parents is a great thing, thought of that a lot since hitting 30, much time wasted.

  18. Blake Says:

    I saw you at the UT game! Solid list.

  19. Justin from Wisconsin Says:

    just finished reading ‘The Known World’ per your recommendation. excellent. thanks for that. see you soon.

  20. Mike Copnte Says:

    Why do you like the G7 capo? I have one and don’t see anything special about it with the possible exception that you can carry it in you pocket. there is a cantalevered one with adjustable pressure that looks pretty cool.

  21. Tony Savela Says:

    Hej Jason.

    I’m a big fan of your work, both in DBT and with your “new” band. I would like to add the “Seven mile island”-album to the list of things that rock… “Cigarres and Wine” is along with Levon Helms “Growing Trade” my favorite song of the year. Makes me wish I was born in Texas.

    Cheers/ Tony from Sweden

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