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Things That Rock (pt. something)

October 22, 2009

Edward P. Jones’ “The Known World”

Beatles remasters

Jim Lauderdale’s general disposition

Best American Non-Required Reading 2009 (esp. “the Chameleon”)¬†

BOTH my football teams, for once. (Saints and Crimson Tide)

Using the phrase “Roll Tide” as a general affirmative or congratulatory statement, as in A: “My daughter’s getting married.” B: “Roll Tide.”

35mm Film


Heirloom tomatoes and cheap, hot onions

The Showboat Saloon in Wisconsin Dells

Jimmy John’s

Clark Damn Howard

Waning interest in the UFC

Reaching the age in which you refuse to engage in a trivial argument with your parents

Lindsey Buckingham

Fall of the year

NPR’s This American Life

West Virginia (It’s true.)

Local bar regulars who are originally from another country

The G7 guitar capo (best accessory ever)

Billy Reid Boots 

The Fail Blog

People who could actually live off the land if need be


Here’s Some Cool Stuff

October 1, 2009
335 and Big Red Chair

335 and Big Red Chair

Little Brother, Chantry, 13

Little Brother, Chantry, 13

Benji Hughes

Benji Hughes