Big Weekend


the lovely Erika Goldring again.

photos by Erika Goldring.  reserved.


So, we were able to attend the Americana Awards at the Ryman on Thursday, and I was grinning from ear to ear all night long.  Here’s why-


Photo by Erika Goldring

Yep.  That’s me and Buddy Miller.  We’re playing “Dixie Chicken” with an all-star cast.   That’s not the only reason for the grinning, though.  Throughout the course of the night, I had friendly and sometimes enlightening conversations with Buddy, Brian Owings, Jim Lauderdale, John Hiatt, John Prine, Patty Griffin, Kenny Aranoff, my old buddy Spooner Oldham, Brady Blade, Mike Farris, Justin Townes Earle, each of the Flatlanders, and on and on and on.  I even met Joe South.  He told me to tell Rick Hall he still loves him.  I never thought I’d be the messenger of such.  

We didn’t win album of the year, Buddy and Julie did (deservedly, of course) but the picture at the top of the post is worth more to me than a thousand awards.  See who all you can spot.  

We went from there to Bristol, TN/VA, to play the Rhythm and Roots Reunion.  Browan and I played in front of a Christian radio station banner during the afternoon, and Justin Townes Earle joined us that night for a rousing full-band version of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City.”   

Late Saturday night, to celebrate “talk like a pirate” day, Jimbo and I stole a boat and went for a joyride at Fall Creek Falls state park in Pikeville, TN.  We were there for a private party to celebrate the matrimonies of Jill and Scott Dunn.  Congrats and good luck to them.  We had a great time, and we returned the boat, even though the battery was dead.    An incredible weekend.


10 Responses to “Big Weekend”

  1. Aimz Says:

    That’s a damn sweet photo of you and Buddy!

  2. Ross Neilsen Says:


    hate to geek out on yer blog but…what the hell is that yer playin in that pic with buddy?

    PS….ho.lee.shit. buddy miller et all…damn.

  3. Darrell Klein Says:

    That’s awesome man. That grin speaks volumes. By the way, I’m digging that guitar. I don’t believe I have seen you with that one before.

  4. Christine Says:

    John Hiatt is one of my favs. Looks like an awesome weekend was had.
    Hope you and Jimbo practiced safe boating and remembered to wear your floatation devices.

  5. Jay Says:

    Did you happen to see “The Trishas”? Met them in Austin, nice girls, real good around the eyes.

    Savannah Welch is in that group, she’s Kevin’s daughter.

  6. Van Meter Says:

    I love you’re excitement. You deserve every inch of that time up there. I ran across a sweet little blurb about you, and you may have read it already, but I wanted to pass it along in case:


  7. Lauren Alexander Says:

    Well, you must have forgotten that you also met me on Sunday at your show in Carbondale. It was kind of the highlight of my weekend! Thanks for a great show!

  8. Garod Says:

    John Hiatt and John Prine???? Wow…

  9. Brandon Says:

    Great, great pictures. They should be proud to share the stage with you.

  10. Gabriel Says:

    Yo Jason I’m-a let you finish, but “Atlantic City” is the best Bruce Springsteen song of ALL TIME.

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