Hey everybody!

So I’m doing a little blogging now.  Lots going on these days, and I thought some of you might want to know how we’re getting along.  The Americana Awards are Thursday night the Ryman in Nashville, and of course excitement abounds.  Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old friends and hearing some great music.  Here’s a picture-

The 400 Unit Massager

The 400 Unit Massager

Thought you’d like to see that.  That’s not where we got the band name, but simply a beautiful coincidence.  You should get one.    

After the award ceremony, we’ll be headed to Bristol for the Rhythm and Roots Reunion on Friday.  We only have a few shows left before the year’s out, since we’re planning on taking a couple months off around the holidays.  If you want to see us, you best make it happen before December.  Here’s another picture-

100_0013This is what I’ll look like if you see me in December or January.  Not very exciting for spectators, but there’s no cover!  

I’ll also be listening to The Beatles quite a bit.  The remasters are totally worth the money if you’re a geek like me.  I will not, however, be playing Rock Band.  I don’t like video games.  I like Sigur Ros.  I’m going to be writing lots of new songs, too.  I started on one a few days ago.  Here’s a sample lyric- 

I wasn’t in the mood for a disaster.

Not quite prepared for it’s change.

The games that I thought I could master

Eventually turned very strange.

It’ll be on our next record, probably, whenever we get around to recording again.  

10 Responses to “Hey everybody!”

  1. Andy Ferguson Says:

    Great to see you’ve got a blog going now to keep us major fans updated on the happenings in 400 Unit land! I’m coming up with a group of friends to see you guys in Dekalb, IL in a couple of weeks.

    Cannot wait!

  2. Alex Cone Says:

    Looking forward to the new record. Enjoying following you on twitter and now the blog. You should gather up Will Johnson for a show in Little Rock during the cold winter months. It’d be like Christmas for me.

  3. Darrell Klein Says:

    I’m glad you decided to give blogging a try. I really like the new lyrics you posted. I certainly hope those do show up on a future record. Your lyrics really speak to me by telling me what I need to hear. Lately “When the Well Runs Dry” from the DBT rarities record has been doing it for me. I am so glad that song saw the light of day. Also, “However Long” off your latest record has been my theme song since the first time I heard it. I just thought you might like to know that.

    Enjoy the time off. I am looking forward to the next time you play Nashville. I will do everything I can to be there.


  4. Scott Ward Says:

    I agree about Rockband, even the Beatles. My kids went and bought it. Pretty soon there won’t be any real musicians- only virtual musicians.

  5. Derry Says:

    “Don’t be a fool…”

    Very nice, Mr. J.

  6. Josh Says:

    Good luck to you and the Unit at the Americana Awards.

    Hope the new suit is cut sharp as a razor.

    Thanks for making the stop in Ybor City back in May.

    Have you read “Motherless Brooklyn” by Jonathan Lethem?

  7. Sean Says:

    yeah I’m not a big fan of this whole guitar hero / rock band crap. like i heard one musician say.. “if they had that around when i was a kid, i’d been too lazy to pick up a real guitar.”

  8. Christine Says:

    The Beatles remasters are beautiful and I ain’t no geek! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money on the box set but somehow since Thursday I’m now the owner of: White Album, Revolver, Help, Let It Be, Past Masters, Abbey Road, and… damn! I forget.
    Looking forward to your new songs ~ turned my dad onto you guys.
    Is that 400 Unit battery operated?

  9. Quintilian B. Nasty Says:

    It’s great to see you doing a blog–great stuff so far. I know you were down in Carbondale, but I hope you can play sometime in Champaign-Urbana.

  10. Sheila Says:

    Hey Cuz, nice to see you blogging and can’t wait to see and hear you again…remember you have a lot of people you don’t have to sing to..we love you anyway! Love the shooting pool picture, and I hope you are doing great…hope you show up at la fonda when you are “taking time off”…love you….Sheila

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